Same goals, delivered differently

At Solterbeck Events, our mission is to provide bespoke experiences that go beyond the moment to deliver better business results, and that hasn’t changed.

Investing in reward and recognition for employees and clients, using events as a platform, has been a proven strategy for better business performance.

While our circumstances have changed in an abrupt and unexpected way, our core goals remain the same. Whether it was to sell, educate, reward or recognise, this need has not gone away – the original purpose of your events continues to exist.

In many circumstances, such as team engagement and motivation, the purpose is stronger in these unique and trying times. Ensuring employees, teams and clients feel engaged, recognised, and connected is as critical as acknowledging a job well done. Now there is a real opportunity to lift people up, show them you care and make a connection they’ll never forget.

So, how can we connect, engage, motivate, reward and recognise your people/clients when we can’t bring them together?

Solterbeck Events conducts emotional target mapping and matches experiences and actions for achievement. A bespoke strategy can create a remarkable variety of solutions and services that will achieve the same goals, delivered differently, including contactless and/or small to medium groups.

Deliver your goals with new settings, and get lasting value:

  • ENGAGE with physical, digital, and environmental solutions
  • RECOGNISE with events, merchandise, and gift cards
  • CONNECT with each other, your workplace, your interests

And always…. have something to look forward to. Providing travel and event experiences delivers reward and recognition, but also reminds people that this is temporary, and soon they can have amazing experiences again.

Maintain your momentum by working with us to achieve the same goals, delivered differently

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