What we're doing with our clients

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do

While COVID-19 has thrown the industry a curveball, at Solterbeck Events we’ve remained committed to delivering outcomes that create better business results for our clients.

Our focus during this time has been to achieve the same goals, delivered differently. We’ve adjusted quickly to provide solutions that continue to reach the same goals – whether that’s sell, educate, reward or recognise – in a new environment through new methods. The need for team engagement and motivation is stronger than ever, so we’re continuing to think differently, be creative, and find unique solutions to unprecedented challenges.

Thinking to the future, we’ve developed an Events Continuity Plan (ECP) framework, designed to strategically reintroduce meetings and events into business activities during uncertain times. It focuses on developing a dynamic, phased return, incorporating third party policy influence, corporate return approach and attendee confidence. An ECP scenario plans for the return of meetings and events, even if we cannot yet predict the timelines.

We also have an exciting new offering in the works which we’ll be sharing with you shortly. We know meetings and events are vital busines activities that contribute significantly to overall business success. With this in mind, we are building a solution that considers every priority of your business, by streamlining their integration. Stay tuned for the introduction of Enterprise Events Management TM.