What we're doing with our team

Working from home, more connected than ever

The Solterbeck Events team has been busy over the last few months tackling new and existing projects and ticking off those housekeeping things that were being pushed to the back of the pile!

While we’ve been working hard to adjust existing projects, the team is focused on developing a COVID safe approach to all events whilst delivering creativity, individuality, and experiences that go beyond the moment.


We, at Solterbeck Events, are certainly not immune to the challenges that working remotely presents. Getting used to new technology to keep us connected and talking to a computer screen all day has been interesting but we’ve learnt to adapt and we’ve done it pretty well!

We have daily team video calls, as well as multiple one on one calls, so we don’t forget what everyone looks like, and if anything, we actually speak more as a collective group now than when we were in the office! But we sure do miss the face to face office banter, Friday drinks and having lunch together.

Managing personal wellbeing and mental health during this time has also been a focus of ours: we’ve introduced a weekly internal ‘Health & Wellness’ newsletter full of resources, ideas and strategies to help our team manage physical and mental health from home. Our main goal through this challenging time is to support each other, lend an ear and keep everyone smiling.

The Solterbeck Events team is exactly that, a TEAM, and this interruption to normality has brought us closer together. We’re very proud of the strength, resilience and adaptability demonstrated by each and every person in our business.

Check out some of the team below in their new work digs at home!