How to make the most of your virtual event

30 September, 2020

Virtual events have always had the image of being boring and lengthy streams. This year though, the need for digital and remote engagement has skyrocketed and virtual events have gone through major transformations. With in-person events being cancelled and potentially forever altered, it’s vital now more than ever to get your digital event program perfected.

To make sure your virtual event is a success, here are 6 tips that will take your event from boring to a raving success:

1. Put the viewer first

Just as you would at a physical event, consider how participants will experience and interact with your content. What do you want them to feel? What information do you want them to retain? What actions do you want them to take? Make the experience as simple as possible for them with seamless flow from one part of your event to the next. This can be done by using just one platform and executing an integrated communications plan.

2. Don’t cut corners on production

Virtual events have a new level of difficulty in keeping attendees engaged and interacting. Without the hype and energy of surrounding crowd and social influence, this energy needs to be manufactured and nurtured through high quality production. Careful consideration of sound and visual elements and how that will impact viewers will connect participants with your messaging and program.

3. Content is king (or queen)

Marketers hear this saying all the time, but the same now applies for virtual events. In the case of virtual events, content will be more closely followed without extra distractions of surrounding crowds, incredible venues or colleagues to talk to. This also means viewers are more likely to switch off if the content isn’t relevant and engaging. Give participants dynamic and engaging content to take your event to a new level. Share something memorable they will be able to take away with them to remember your event long after it’s finished.

4. Build hype

A communications plan pre and post event is vital. If it’s internal or a ticketed virtual event, make noise about what’s to come and get people excited before the event has even begun. Extend the experience with shorter sessions across multiple days – build an app, encourage conversation on a social wall, run competitions and so much more through EDMs, microsites and even physical treats, such as hamper deliveries. Finding a well-known speaker or entertainer will also be a great drawcard to get participants excited and involved.

5. Go beyond the screen

Virtual events don’t have to be only digital and on screen. There are ways to extend the experience beyond a computer screen. We’ve written a blog on it.

6. Plan early

Virtual events take just as much preparation, planning and logistical management as physical events, particularly if it’s your first virtual event. Take a bit of extra time to really consider what your goals are and how to achieve them. Virtual events are best executed by an event management company with experience in logistics, communications, and overall participant experience.


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