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Engage to amplify your event

Solterbeck Events offers integrated multi-channel marketing and communications to engage your audience and promote your event, delivering better business performance.

Throughout end-to-end communication services that include creative concept development, design, production and execution, we create campaigns that build interest and excitement from the launch of your program to post-event, including ongoing touch-points and onsite collateral.

Ongoing engagement and communications

We work collaboratively with you to create motivation throughout your program. Our in-house marketing specialists develop and execute tailored and creative communications to promote your program, which we can integrate through new and existing channels.

Data analytics and surveys

Data is integral to the success of your event and we understand you need to see a return on investment. We provide comprehensive reporting and insights to add real value to you and your people, from the start to post-event.

Customer service

Your employees can access our in-house customer care centre via a dedicated hotline and email.

Our comprehensive integrated marketing and communications plans include:

  • Electronic direct mail
  • Mobile apps
  • Teasers and gifts
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Presenter template support
  • Copywriting
  • Brochures
  • Hype reel videos
  • Environmental material
  • Dedicated websites
  • Experientials