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This client brief was an Australian first – the high adrenaline global launch of a new all-terrain tyre via an invitational to key global influencers and dealers. This involved 5 waves of 20 influencers and dealers at a time, over 20 days. Destination – the Victorian High Country.

Michelin wanted to break-through the ‘sea of sameness’ in the off-road space. This was to be a once in a lifetime event, providing full immersion into the passion of all-terrain driving and the great outdoors. We also had an ambitious goal of 47 million social media impressions.

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This was no ordinary event. Solterbeck had to absorb a wide-ranging client brief and specific vision, and work with a myriad of suppliers to bring that vision to life.

We had some big picture issues. For example, the lack of internet access in the Victorian High Country necessitated us building towers to enable internet access.

We worked with local property owners to custom design and develop an off-road race track that would challenge the most experienced drivers.

We also had the micro details to consider, such as ensuring that the brand message was received by these global influencers. We designed a fully integrated communications campaign that included table runners at meals featuring a replica of the KM3 tyre tread and remote-control cars which also featured the KM3 tyre in miniature.

Confidence comes with experience. For this launch, we were able to take a complex event and create compelling and authentic experiences. The launch surpassed all expectations.

The experience started before touch down

Following a welcome function in Melbourne at a luxury hotel, each wave of influencers and dealers (dressed in their new branded Drizabone jackets) were transported to the High Country via helicopter.

The social media posts commenced upon on arrival as the helicopters approached the bank of KM3 banners and uniformed staff.

Over the following two days, influencers were given the opportunity to test the tyres on different vehicles and in different terrains throughout the stunning backdrop of the area’s National Parks.

The power of a team

This event took a crew of 45 people to deliver it. No stone on the mountain was left unturned to immerse the influencers.

We custom built off-road race tracks, coordinated international media teams, ensured permits were acquired from all relevant National Parks, engaged local mountain bike riders and fly fisherman to be scattered at key locations around the track to really bring the experience and message to life.

Internet access was vital, but not existing. A key part of the brief was to encourage all influencers to post and communicate about their experience as they were experiencing it. In order to deliver this, Solterbeck had to work closely with a telco to install a temporary tower at the hotel which boosted internet accessibility to the entire area.

Immersion at all levels

Our focus was to ensure that every small detail contributed to the overall message and purpose of this launch.

This ranged from building a replica garage from advertising imagery, allowing guests to walk around and get hands on with the tyre, to featuring the brand and tyre imprint on menus, table runners and coffee cups.


In less than six months, Solterbeck delivered an event lauded as one of the best brand launches of its kind. In that time frame we traveled from initial brief to final execution. This would not have been possible without Michelin and our team displaying the very best of breed in team work, creativity, collaboration, experience, ingenuity and a commitment to getting the big and little details perfect.

Michelin’s final target for this brand launch was to achieve 47 million publication and social media impressions, and 2.8 million engagements. At the end of the promotional period, this brand launch far exceeded the targets, with 51 million impressions and near 4 million engagements, ensuring that the KM3 All Terrain tyre launch was an overwhelming success by every measure.

"From the time I lobbed at the airport I was absolutely astonished at the level of commitment from BFGoodrich. What that team of people accomplished, and the way the team went about its business, was astonishing. Attention to detail was incredible. Communication from the organisers was amazing. The result was an event of the highest calibre… Unless you were standing there watching it happen you’ll never understand how well it was done… Even the menus on the dinner tables were embossed with the actual tread print of the KM3 tyre… The little things can have a big influence on important decisions like who gets a job and who doesn’t."

Tom Foster Editor - What Tradies Want

"Loved working with your team… Always remember that it’s the team behind the scenes (event management team, tyre changing team, motorsport team) that makes these events memorable for our guests, but also for us… It’s been said a lot, but KM3 was a showcase event for the Michelin and Solterbeck partnership. Well done."

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