Team Mopar

Dealer study tour: Australia's Rubicon

Solterbeck Events is no stranger to the automotive industry. Following a successful product launch for BF Goodrich in 2018, this incentive program had us working with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) Parts and Service Managers.

FCA’s incentive program aimed to reward its top 25 Parts and Service Managers for outstanding performance in their dealerships across Australia. Our challenge was to develop a truly memorable program engaging the delegates in team building, study sessions and a once in a lifetime experience.

Our destination – Exmouth WA – referred to as Australia’s Rubicon, combines rugged landscape with spectacular beaches and the world heritage Ningaloo Reef, home to the magnificent and gentle Whale Shark.

The brief

  • Develop branding for the program which adheres to FCA/Mopar’s current brand line-up
  • Create a program which truly engages the delegates with FCA products
  • Team Building activities
  • Study sessions to educate dealers on new ways of doing business as they launch and drive new programs and initiatives in aftersales.

Bringing the event to life began with custom branding created by our in-house communications team.

Designed to align with existing ‘Mopar’ products and services, the ‘Team Mopar’ brand created a seamless aesthetic across all communications and collateral for the event: from monthly eDMs and a dedicated online registration and management site, to a full-colour printed program booklet and liveried gifts for attendees. The communications were well received by qualifiers and FCA management alike.

This incentive started with a branded launch eDM and video, introducing the dedicated website and communicating sales data to everyone. It followed with monthly eDMs outlining performance metrics, program updates and destination information. Linking to the website for more detailed information, these communications vastly reduced the number of inbound emails and helped to maintain engagement.

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A perfect setting

Positioned just metres from the waterline, the accommodation at Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort provided a relaxing and comfortable setting for our attendees.  

Able to soak up the beautiful surroundings, the welcome BBQ dinner at the accommodation was the perfect way to start this amazing trip.

Product engagement

FCA provide some of the world’s most high-performance off-road vehicles and are renowned for their ability to get off-grid and explore the harshest conditions. What better place to immerse in the FCA product line and test drive the 2019 Jeep Wrangler?

Splitting the group activities was necessary to accommodate such a large number of delegates for this sleepy rural area of WA. This allowed them to take full advantage of the program and explore the beautiful Turquoise Bay and Shothole Canyon: our attendees put various Wranglers through their paces for performance comparison and had an opportunity to experience the changing landscape of Exmouth. After a day of driving and exploration, thye has the chance to experience a beach BBQ and a sunset over the Ningaloo Coast.

Healthy competition

With its pristine waters and vast marine life, Exmouth boasts some of the best fishing in the world. Our attendees set out on a local charter to discover some of the finest spots around the Ningaloo reef.

A great opportunity to enjoy some healthy competition among the delegates, who were able to cook their catch and claim bragging rights for the biggest haul.

Gentle giants

A visit to Exmouth would not be complete without a chance of seeing the world’s largest fish: the gentle and enigmatic Whale Shark.

Heading out on a catamaran to explore the Ningaloo, our group was able to gear up and snorkel with this elusive giant which, for many delegates, was the highlight of the trip.

Taking some time to relax in the heat and enjoy good food, great beer and amazing company, the team at Whalebone Brewing Company allowed the group to become immersed in the brewing process and history of this small family run brewery. With an opportunity to sample some tastings and design their own delicious pizzas on-site, the group also enjoyed learning about the company’s journey and marketing strategy.


The survey results following the event indicated an overall excellent rating of 100% among delegates, with an individual activity rating of 82% Excellent or above.

The communication throughout the qualifying period including the online registration, EDMs and pre-event assistance were rated as 91% Excellent or above, while travel documents and on-site assistance were both rated as 100% Excellent.

The branded merchandise was very well received and appreciated by all. When asked if the effort of reaching targets was worth the reward, a 100% Yes rating was achieved.

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"From the time I lobbed at the airport I was absolutely astonished at the level of commitment from BFGoodrich. What that team of people accomplished, and the way the team went about its business, was astonishing. Attention to detail was incredible. Communication from the organisers was amazing. The result was an event of the highest calibre… Unless you were standing there watching it happen you’ll never understand how well it was done… Even the menus on the dinner tables were embossed with the actual tread print of the KM3 tyre… The little things can have a big influence on important decisions like who gets a job and who doesn’t."

Tom Foster What Tradies Want

"Loved working with your team… Always remember that it’s the team behind the scenes (event management team, tyre changing team, motorsport team) that makes these events memorable for our guests, but also for us… It’s been said a lot, but KM3 was a showcase event for the Michelin and Solterbeck partnership. Well done."

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