Taking your CSR further: sustainability in corporate event management

March 4, 2020

Solterbeck Events lives and breathes our environmental dedication through SEED, our initiative focused on creating a conscious impact. Read about it here.

Environmental sustainability in business is a major talking point in today’s global context. The subject is increasingly important to employees too, with more than 70% of respondents in a recent survey stating they were more likely to choose to work at a company with a strong environmental agenda.

Events can be a great way to showcase your sustainability initiatives while having a positive impact on your triple bottom-line; people, profit, planet. Here’s a list of things to consider when planning your next corporate event:

1. Go digital

Get creative with your invitations and communications – take it online and communicate digitally through email, website, a mobile app or social media. Not only does this reduce paper usage and cost but it’s gives you freedom of design and ability to change and update easily for a seamless communication experience. Transfer this to on site communications too – use digital signs and TVs rather than print media.

2. Green partnerships

Work with suppliers and venues who already incorporate sustainability into their operations. Event management companies will have existing relationships with these suppliers and will be able to align your requirements with the right venues.

3. Eco-friendly transport

Group travel through bus, train, charter, or any other mass transit, can be an eco-friendly option in contrast to cars, taxis and private transfers. This can reduce overall carbon footprint, conserve fuel, reduce cost and ensures your employees arrive at your sustainable event on time. If you need to fly, consider flying carbon neutral.

4. Use biodegradable alternatives

When you don’t have the option to use washable or re-useable items, find biodegradable alternatives such as wooden cutlery, compostable bin bags, bamboo straws and palm-leaf plates. Make sure to also consider your corporate gifts at events, such as mints and water bottles, that are often wrapped in plastics and other single-use materials.

5. Reduce wastage

Corporate event managers are great at anticipating the amount of resources needed for an event, reducing wastage and planning for waste management with recycling, compost bins, and other waste solutions. Do some research on local NFP companies that could take surplus food (if there is any) and donate to local food banks, schools and homeless shelters.

6. Keep it local

Sourcing local produce and suppliers can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the logistics required to host the event. You’ll also be supporting the local economy – a win-win!  We support Event Here This Year, an initiative by Business Events Australia following the recent Australian Bushfires. Read about it here.

Solterbeck Events has a team of experienced corporate event planners who can develop your next sustainable event. Using the above recommendations and more, Solterbeck Events can contribute to your sustainability initiatives through careful event planning and CSR activities.

Find out how you can make your event sustainable by getting in touch with us on 03 9949 5900 or through our contact form.

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