6 creative ideas for your next corporate event

Corporate events are great initiatives for boosting company morale and creating happy employees. Employees who feel appreciated by their company are more creative, productive and focused.

Every Australian company has their own culture so there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ activity. This is why, at Solterbeck Events, all our events are carefully tailored to represent you and your people.

We’ve asked Jodie Haylock, our Group Account Director, about the latest trends in corporate events. Here are 6 creative ideas perfect for your next corporate event:

1. Individual earphones

Hosting several speakers in one space? Give your attendees individual earphones. They can listen to the conference without being disturbed by the noise around and interference from other workshops.

2. Gamification through app

People today expect instant gratification, and this can be a great motivator. Gamification works by tapping into emotions and motivations – everyone likes to collect, complete and compete! Set objectives and reward your attendees in a fun, interactive way. A live leaderboard will also help fuel the friendly competition.

3. Health and wellbeing

Happier and healthier employees perform better. Show your attendees that their health and wellbeing is a priority; from detox stations to mindfulness workshops and yoga and fitness classes, focus on their personal experience by encouraging and educating them to look after themselves.

4. Virtual and augmented reality

Give your attendees the chance to test the limits of their imagination. VR and AR are increasingly more affordable and accessible, making it easy to incorporate at your event for a lasting WOW factor. 

5. Take a page from TED Talks

TED Talks invite captivating personalities who inspire and engage audiences on a variety of topics. Enlist an expert in the field, an entertaining comedian or an inspiring athlete to talk with your audience, providing ‘food for thought’, entertainment, and ultimately inspiration that will reinvigorate your employees and drive your business forward.

6. Interactive food and drink stations

Food and drink stations are often the most visited space at any event. Take it above and beyond with impressive interactive food and beverage stations throughout your event; a custom cocktail bar, a live stir-fry station, a doughnut wall, etc. There are plenty of creative ways to both feed and excite your attendees.

Love these trends? Or looking for more creative ideas for your corporate events? Solterbeck Events has over 30 years of experience creating unique experiences and life-long memories. Just contact us by filling in our enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. We are also contactable via landline on 03 9949 5900.