Employee satisfaction at work

6 great ways to improve employee satisfaction

Employees are the backbone of every business. It’s vital they feel fulfilled in their roles and have a purpose coming into work every day. At Solterbeck Events we know how to reward your staff – incentives are a proven way to get the best out of them. Though, it does come hand in hand with a range of small actions you can implement yourself.

So, looking for simple ways to keep up your employees’ morale? We have curated six things to assist them in feeling satisfied in your workplace. 

Working from home employee flexible workplace

1. Have a flexible workplace

Allowing your employees to have greater control over their time within their workplace promotes a positive work-life balance. Implement a flexible work schedule to relieve their demanding work life: an easy example is letting staff come in earlier and leave early could take a lot of pressure off a daily commute. Another example is work from home occasionally: research shows that when permitted, employees are a lot happier to take calls from clients after hours.

More control at work

2. Allow more control

No-one likes being micro-managed, and it has been shown that this loss of control could lead to depression. When employees are not felt like they are heard, and managers act in a way that discourages innovation, it breeds a negative workplace culture. This results in disconnection, low morale, and staff turnover. Giving employees a chance to innovate and flourish is a sure-fire way to make sure they enjoy what they do.

Thank you

3. Reward creatively – financial benefits can only do so much!

Incentives are a big motivator for employees; they want to feel valued. By implementing programs to recognise those who go above and beyond, employees will be much more motivated to give their all. Some non-financial reward examples include: extra time off, gifts, vouchers and incentive trips for top performers. Don’t forget about the
small stuff too! Sending a congratulatory email
or recognition at the staff meeting can go a long way.

Boss listening to employee taking notes

4. Ask questions and listen

If you are worried that employees aren’t satisfied, then just ask them! Send a survey out to the office and make it anonymous so they can share what they really think. Find out if they feel accomplished at work, if they’re growing, if they feel content, and if they have all the resources they need to do their job well. This will help resolve the situation while collecting real feedback that you’ll be able to act upon.

Health and well-being at the beach

5. Encourage health and well-being

Our modern sedentary lifestyle is having a negative impact on our health and spending 9 hours a day sitting down can take its toll. It is vital for your employees to stay healthy, not only for their sake but also the healthier they are, the less they will be away.

Thankfully, there are some easy solutions: encourage your employees to get up from their desk and take a short walk during their breaks, supply fruit and healthy snacks, and if possible invest in standing desks.

open space office

6. Go beyond what is expected

Providing the bare minimum at a workplace is a sure way to deter employees from spending an extra minute there. Invest in basic suppliers such as fridge, hot water, kettle, microwave, toaster, sandwich press and water fountain and make the workplace more comfortable.

Can afford more? Here are some ideas:

– Eliminate the need for people to go out of the office to get their coffee and save them money with a coffee machine!
– Foster relationships within your workplace and let some steam blow off with table tennis tables
– Let them escape the office without actually leaving the office with a quiet room. For when your employees need a place for a moment of silence.
– Help them feel more connected to the outside world with some plants. Natural environments have been shown to improve wellbeing and performance.
– Give your staff something to look forward to and the opportunity for them to socialise with drinks or lunches on a regular basis. 

No matter what you decide to implement to improve your workplace liveability, a key takeaway is to genuinely value your employees and treat them you would like to be treated yourself. Follow these steps to ensure employee satisfaction in the long term and for a healthy business.