A day in the life: Bianca Parker

18 November, 2020

Over the coming weeks we’ll get a snapshot from each memeber of our team, to explore their role, a typical day for them and their favourite parts about working at Solterbeck Events.


Bianca Parker

Event Manager

A love for organisation and travel led Event Manager Bianca Parker to achieve her Bachelor of Business, specialising in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Her experiences as a travel agent for 7 years have given her the passion to coordinate rock-solid delegate programs in various countries around the world. Read more.

What does an Event Manager do?

An Event Manager manages events on both a large and small scale, as well as act’s as support to the Account Directors on larger or more technical events and conferences. It is all about developing client relationships and seeing through an event brief from conception to delivery.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A few meetings here and there – both internal and external, building registration sites, or client and delegate management. Reaching out to suppliers for both research and locking in contracts… each day is different depending on the event!

What was your most challenging event to manage?

It may sound cliché, however, the team has always come together really well so no event has ever been too challenging.