A day in the life: Jodie Cornish

25 November, 2020

Over the coming weeks we’ll get a snapshot from each memeber of our team, to explore their role, a typical day for them and their favourite parts about working at Solterbeck Events.


Jodie Cornish

Finance Manager

Jodie initially qualified as a travel consultant but quickly found her true calling in finance, discovering the joys of Excel and balancing transactions. After 7 years in an Indigenous Family Support organisation in Adelaide, a move to Melbourne (for love) lead to a change in focus with a small, multi-national publicly listed company, offering an introduction into the joys of multi-currency transactions. Read more.

What does a typical day look like as Finance Manager?

There are no typical days as Finance Manager but at the moment there is a lot of time and focus on ever changing forecasts – with COVID related changes happening daily, there is a lot of movement and adjustments to take into consideration that financially impact the business.

What kind of work are you involved in and who do you work with frequently?

Data input, data analysis, budgeting (company and event specific), forecasting, payroll, contracting, contract tenders, office and IT technology management and general comic relief. Consider me the “Man” Friday of Solterbeck Events.

What is your favourite thing about being finance manager?

I love the fact that my job isn’t (and hasn’t ever) been just one thing. One day I can be processing payroll, preparing tax returns or ordering paper for the office, and the next day I can be onsite processing delegate registrations for 2,000 people. And, this may forever tag me as an ultimate nerd, but I love working in Excel and it’s a genuine thrill every time to successfully reconcile anything.