A day in the life: Rebecca Martin

11 November, 2020

Over the coming weeks we’ll get a snapshot from each memeber of our team, to explore their role, a typical day for them and their favourite parts about working at Solterbeck Events.


Rebecca Martin

Account Director

With nearly a decade of experience in planning experiential events, conferences, exhibitions and incentive travel, Rebecca Martin lived in England before making her way to Solterbeck Events via New Zealand and Sydney.

She’s previously worked with two large automotive brands and discovered that product launches and annual conferences were her cup of tea. Read more. 

What does an Account Director do?

An Account Director does a lot of the same tasks as an event manger but with a broader view over strategy. The idea of my role is to ensure all parties are working together in cohesion so we are constantly hitting targets and achieving the optimum results for everything we do. It is my role to best understand the client’s organisation and the environment in which they sit so we can offer guidance and advice, while being able to pre-empt what influences their decisions. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

I have a lot of meetings! I spend a lot of time speaking to each individual involved in a project we are handling, ensuring that deadlines will be met and everyone is on top of their tasks. I also talk/email a lot to our partners and suppliers in the industry, as well as with our stakeholders of course. 

It is important for me to stay ahead on what is new and exciting in the industry so I try and dedicate at least a portion of my week to research and investingation.

And, when time allows, I love to get into the events with budgets, critical paths and runsheets etc so there is not a single element of what is going on that I do not know about. 

What is your favourite project you have worked on in this role?

It is too difficult to narrow it down to just one! I am in this role because I love to travel and any opportunity to jump on a plane and experience a different culture with a great group of people is a highlight for me. 

I think a big event to Asia last year is difficult to go past – as the end of a lot of planning and preparation, the whole team came together to deliver an exceptional few days of business sessions, social functions and a CSR program that we later won an award for. There is something so special about seeing the hard work that you and the team have put in, pay off in spades.