We ditch the Christmas mundane for wildfire support

This year, Solterbeck Events decided not to follow the old habits of giving clients gingerbread houses or candy canes. Following the company’s belief in ‘creativity with purpose’, Solterbeck Events made life changing donations to ‘Koalas in Care Inc’.
This organisation, running on donations alone, is a family run care and medical clinic for Koalas. With the devastating wildfires raging across NSW during November and December, ‘Koalas in Care Inc.’ has been inundated with injured and displaced Koalas in desperate need of help.

The Solterbeck Events donations on behalf of clients has supported the critical care of these treasured Australian icons by helping to provide medication, bedding and food needed to keep them safe and sound. This includes the aptly named ‘Sooty’ – a Koala that came in with atrocious burns across his body. Sooty is now resting comfortably in his own bedding thanks to Koalas in Care, Solterbeck Events and its clients.

Creative engagement in the journey of Sooty

Making a donation is one thing, but Solterbeck Events wanted to bring its clients on the journey of saving Sooty, so they were connected to their contribution.
While creativity and innovation have always been in the DNA of Solterbeck, it’s being taken higher and higher – including an online game for Sooty! Clients have had the opportunity to play the ‘Saving Sooty’ game, taking dear Sooty through three levels, from fire dangers to Eucalyptus forests.

Solterbeck Events has an integrated communications solution

The ‘Saving Sooty’ game was born in the Solterbeck Events Communications team, who work with clients on delivering comprehensive creativity and communications for the entire lifecycle of their programs. These solutions are designed to build engagement, motivation and excitement for the events, in addition to providing a seamless attendee experience.

So, let Solterbeck Events take you beyond the moment and help Sooty the Koala find his new sanctuary!