End of year celebrations

14 October, 2020

Don't let COVID crash your party!

Just because your team cannot come together in a traditional celebration, the end of the year is the ideal time to do something that will lift spirits and boost morale, to thank everyone for their efforts throughout 2020, and to wrap up this unconventional year.

At Solterbeck Events, we have pulled together some of the most popular elements of any event and adapted them into a fully customisable solution to enjoy from the comfort of home. Get in touch to find out how.

Why should you host an end of year event?

Engaging, recognising and rewarding team members during this end of year season is particularly challenging given the restrictions COVID-19 has placed on our ability to gather in groups. In addition, the pressure that COVID-19 has placed on our teams means continuing the employee engagement journey through year end celebration is more important than ever.

How can you host an end of year event?

A virtual solution can be delivered in such a fashion that it still achieves these employee engagement goals, without being just another dry and dull virtual conference. The recipe for success comes in three main parts: Interaction, Presentation and Celebration. Achieving each of these will provide an experience that engages, recognised and rewards people at the end of a tough year.

What does an end of year event look like in 2020?

You can do this through a fully customised virtual, or hybrid, event that engages participants via at-home interaction, wow participants through an impressive awards/speech presentation and then concludes on a high with a bespoke concert experience.

These virtual and hybrid solutions are not just for Christmas, but for any future occasion when you want to show your employees goodwill, as well as a good time, without compromising their personal safety.

This year, we’re including complimentary branded invitations that reflect the event theme!