Event Here This Year: Supporting local businesses through corporate events

The bushfire crisis has made for a tough start to 2020, with many communities around the country directly and indirectly affected. Over the past few weeks and months, we’ve also seen the best of us: bushfire relief donations are now well beyond $140 million.

These efforts represent the Australian spirit but it’s also important to think about what we can do long term. Most businesses we work with are still operating as normal: hotels, event venues, experience creators, food and beverage caterers, and event and logistic suppliers. That is why we want to encourage the best once again, to support the Australians and communities who depend on the tourism and event industry to thrive.

We spoke to our General Manager, Belinda Doery, about the unique position the events industry is in to support disaster affected areas in Australia:

“It seems the only consistent theme recently has been volatility and hardship. Solterbeck Events is proudly supporting ‘Event Here This Year’, an initiative launched by Business Events Australia, encouraging businesses like ours to think locally and host programs here in our backyard, in disaster affected areas. We are working in partnership with our clients to incorporate this into our strategies and programs for 2020 and beyond”.

If your organisation has meetings and events, let us take your business out there to see our beautiful country. Take your team up the coast, head inland, fly across the breadth of this land. See Australia, our home, and support all the incredible people who live here. Because now, more than any other time, Australia needs us to say, “Let’s event here this year”.

Let’s make this happen. Get in touch with us on 03 9949 5900 or get social on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.