MEA Live 2019 Awards - Celebration of Excellence Booklet

23 September, 2020

We’re very proud of our coworkers Ellen Sexton and Rebecca Martin for taking home a total of three awards from the 2019 MEA Awards Night earlier this year.

MEA has released their Celebration of Excellence booklet featuring a fantastic write up on Ellen who took home Event Manager of the Year in both the Victorian and National categories.

Read the write up here:

“After completing her Bachelor of Business in Event Management and international Tourism at Victoria University and graduating with honors, Ellen Sexton of Solterbeck Events in Melbourne commenced her career in event management as a Venue Manager with the department of social services.

“Ellen then moved into a Program Coordinator role with Bi Worldwide before joining Solterbec Events as a Program Coordinator. Within 12 months Ellen was promoted to Event Manager proving her ability to dliver bespoke events with flair and creativity.

“Ellen is an active player in Solterbeck Events’ Environmental & Sustainability program and leads innovation and technology across the Solterbeck Events business. Ellen is an outstanding example of excellence within the events industry and a true leader within the Solterbeck Events team.”