On The Road – Kobi Davis visits the Red Centre

The desert experience really began before touching down in Alice Springs. With a glance out the plane window I immediately knew where the Red Centre got its nickname. After just a short 3-night stay, I learnt Alice Springs is the outback’s most cosmopolitan town, rich with history and home to an abundance of breath-taking natural landscapes.

Our famil began with a tour of the historical Telegraph Station where we were fascinated to learn it was established as the first communication station between Australia and England.

Next stop, The Desert Park where we witnessed how the desert comes to life through native flora and fauna. Our environmental education then continued with a trip to The Earth Sanctuary where we were given an astronomical tour of the night sky (star-gazed!) and learnt about the power of sustainable technologies. We then visited Simpsons Gap – a stunning gorge located in the West MacDonnell Ranges.It is here we met local Arrernte woman, Deanella Mack, who led us through an Aboriginal cultural awareness session to deepen our understanding about importance of cultural sustainability.

Continuing our truly immersive and educational outback experience, we visited The Royal Flying Doctors Service and Purple House, a renal dialysis centre who established the first remote and mobile dialysis service in Australia.

Lastly, my favourite activity, a hot air balloon ride where we floated far above the expansive country, just us, the desert and the beautiful sunrise.

Alice is a truly special destination that makes an impact. Departing, I was incredibly inspired by the intense passion of the locals and felt grateful to have experienced just a taste of what this beautiful area of Australia has to offer.

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