Pivot to achieve immediate and strategic goals

May 7, 2020

The landscape of events has irrevocably changed, the exact extent of which we don’t fully know yet. This requires an immediate pivot to create success. While COVID-19 has, and continues to, wreak havoc across all aspects of life, meetings and events have been cancelled on a global scale. Tourism has come to a halt and business events almost cease to exist.

The world has quickly jumped on board with ‘virtual capabilities’ in a race to provide substitutions for face to face interactions. While these solutions do, in most circumstances, provide a logistical alternative, they fail to consider the core need for an event – the core goal that goes beyond a logistical swap.

With employee reward and recognition programs largely paused, despite being more important than ever, simply going virtual does not achieve the desired goals or mapped emotions. A carefully curated product that enables your audience to receive, experience, connect and give allows specific emotions to be elicited and a truly personalised experience to be shared.

While rapidly altering your events to exist in a virtual space, the original goal needs to remain the same: are you making your attendees feel the same way?

While meeting immediate needs, it is critically important to maintain perspective and focus on the long-term strategies and how it needs to be adjusted. Working with clients on their Enterprise Events Strategy to incorporate our new situation is vitally important to ensure the strategy remains valid. To fully integrate, a Critical Response Plan must be developed to show the merging of the now and then worlds.

A successful Enterprise Events Strategy must react to the immediate need of COVID-19, whilst also ensuring that when meetings & events are reintroduced into daily business, it is done in a strategic, deliberate and considered fashion.

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