Why create a dedicated website for your event?

February 27, 2020

Creating a dedicated website should be a priority when developing corporate events and incentive travel programs. A dedicated website enhances the entire event experience for attendees and makes it simple for organisers to manage data and share important information. 

Here are 8 benefits of creating a dedicated event website:

01. Extending brand

Your event website can become an extension of your brand – regardless if the brand is the event itself or your organisation. It can be an opportunity to reinforce your company values and bring them alive. Incorporate your values into launch communications, build qualification criteria around them or align your event itinerary with them. As events evolve, the focus is developing further around an event being much more than a physical activity, it is the creation of emotions and connection to brand. This can only be achieved if you bring your brand to life at multiple levels and touch points, such as your website.

02. One central information source

Make it easy for your attendees to find important information, including registration, flight details, itinerary and destination descriptions. An event website consolidates information and gives you freedom to release and update details about the destination, activities or optional extras. Your website can be easily accessed from any digital device, making it simple for attendees to stay up to date.

03. Simple, real time updates

Sometimes, plans need to change. Whether there’s a health crisis such as Coronavirus or the risk of a natural weather event, quick communication with attendees is important in keeping them calm and informed. Your website can be updated in an instant and can be home to topical risk management information such as ‘how to spot signs of Coronavirus’.

04. Tracking and analytics

Get an inside look into the things people are most interested in or struggling to do. Website analytics give you insights into how frequently attendees are visiting the website, what forms they are struggling to complete or what things they are most excited. This information will be precious for your future events.

05. Registration management

Give your attendees the option to register for your event via the website.  Your event organiser will link it to their CRM, facilitating booking and schedule management, while creating a seamless experience for attendees who can view all their information in one spot. 

06. Sustainability

Sustainability in business is no longer a choice. By creating a dedicated website, your communication becomes digital and you reduce your carbon emissions and waste. Replace paper and printed collaterals by hosting your launch documents, registration forms, destination information and post event surveys on your website.

07. Go beyond basic information

Your website can be home to much more than event logistics. Create a truly exciting and interactive experience for your attendees by developing a game and challenge them to set a PB or beat each other’s scores. Encourage conversation by installing live chat to give an instant contact option to attendees. Create a forum to give your attendees a voice, understand their sentiment and hear their feedback.

08. Extend the life of your event

Keep the magic alive long after attendees have arrived home. Share photos and videos from the event through your website for people to download and reminisce. You can also use your website as a catalogue for post-event information. If you worked with an organisation during a CSR activity or presented helpful business information during the event, share this information through the website for attendees to revisit.

A dedicated website will make your event the best one yet. Optimise with tracking and analytics, understand attendee sentiment to customise communications and make it interactive with gamification and online chat. Your website is a sustainable, paperless communication channel that can be accessed from any digital device.

Solterbeck Events have created dedicated platforms for many events and locations. Websites are significantly flexible, with the ability to implement endless unique ideas.

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