Digital transformation and corporate event management

March 18, 2020

The internet has been around for over 35 years and in recent history it has been a transformative force shaping how people live. Over 88% of Australians are internet users, with 79% of Australians active on social media. The internet has changed how business is conducted in all industries and event management is no exception. The evolution of the internet means it has become a more effective source of information than print media. It is essential for corporate event managers to utilise digital alternatives to make their events experience more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable.

How MICE management companies use the internet to improve corporate events

Before the event:

Dedicated website

Top event management companies will often create dedicated websites for each event. Websites can be designed for easy reading and navigation, making it a great information source.

Registration details, venue address, speaker biographies, activity schedule and dining venues are easily accessible and easy to read through creative presentation and simple navigation. Read more about creating a dedicated website here.

Registration and pre-event advertising

The internet has made registration for an event simple, with browsers such as Google Chrome allowing ‘auto-fill’ for names, phone numbers, addresses and more. A simple registration process will reduce barriers to participation. Having a central registration system also makes organising the logistics of an event much easier.

Once participants register their interest, event management companies update them with relevant information such as changes to the event schedule, information about speakers or teasers about the event. Online registration also makes it simpler to share flight and accommodation information on a personalised level.

Creating an open guest list allows participants to view which of their colleagues are also attending the event.  Creating dialogue between event participants helps build up anticipation and hype.

During the event:

Mobile app

A mobile app acts as both an information and communication tool and as part of the event experience itself. For an event with multiple activities, a live app that is continuously updated with information helps guide participants between activities. This can also be home to your online chat forum, to connect attendees before, during, or even after the event.

An app can be personalised to each attendee too, with flights, accommodation, individual schedules for sessions and functions and more. Take this a step further and use the app for polls, voting, commenting and post-session surveys.

Social networking

Your website or app can be home to a ‘social media’ style feed, whether it’s the basic form of an online chat or a fully customised social media channel complete with personal profiles, groups and posts. This encourages and simplifies networking between attendees.

After the event:

Photos, videos and connections

Digital media, website or app, is a great location to share photos and videos from the event. These channels can also be utilised to nurture connections made at the event and continue discussions.

Email newsletters

A good way to conclude an event is with a debriefing. Emailing newsletters to participants provides follow-up information on speakers and an opportunity to advertise your next event.

Why Solterbeck Events is the best Event Management Company to digitalise your next corporate event

Solterbeck Events has been in the event industry since 1989, working with top corporate clients. Having managed corporate events before, during and after the rise of the internet, Solterbeck Events is well positioned to help with the digitalisation of any event.

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