Our dedication to the environment

March 2, 2020

Our SEED initiative governs the impact Solterbeck Events has on the planet. It is the articulation of our belief that we all have a responsibility to look after our planet, and environment and sustainability measures are not a ‘nice to have’, they are an absolute requirement. These measures are not always shiny and bright (like using recycled and eco-friendly materials at our events), they can be somewhat mundane and dull (such as removing plastic bin liners in the office) – but they are all infinitely valuable in our dedication to preserving our environment.

SEED focuses on 3 core areas of impact:

1. Our company

The habits and practises we utilise in our day-to-day in our office to minimise our negative impact on the environment, such as removing plastic bags, electricity reduction targets, reducing paper and using recycled paper when needed or work from home days. These are areas each one of us can take to reduce our footprint.

2. Our event standards

While we focus on bringing a client’s vision to life, there are common areas we ensure meet basic standards across all events, such as limiting or eliminating single use plastics, choosing to offset carbon for flights or using digital collateral rather than printed. These standards often align with our client’s CSR principles.

3. Our event innovation

These are the options our clients can apply to events to optimise their positive environmental impact. We can’t make these decisions for clients, but we can offer advice and ideation to encourage them to adopt these greater contributions.

We don’t believe that you need to sacrifice on event experiences to support the environment. In fact, we believe that more and more attendees are expecting and responding positively to sustainability initiatives. It is no longer a question of experience dilution, it is a minimum expectation.