Why Corporate Social Responsibility should not be overlooked

Companies helping common citizens is not a new concept. Ever since Andrew Carnegie published his philosophical article ‘The Gospel of Wealth’ in 1889, corporate leaders have recognised the value of promoting the welfare of society. He stated that it is a business owner’s duty to distribute wealth ‘for the community for better than it could or would have done for itself’.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is derived from a similar philosophy. However, it is less about donating and more about an attitude towards a company’s commitment to social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.
It is widely accepted that a CSR program constitutes a win-win situation for the company: the initiatives taken to implement CSR goals can benefit a company’s image and bottom-line while fulfilling its responsibilities.

“How can CSR initiatives help my company?”

Brand Image
Consumers are nowadays well-informed and look at what companies are doing regarding their social, ethical and environmental responsibilities. Businesses implementing a strong CSR program may get media coverage and therefore increase their reputation and strengthen their brand to consumers, new talents and business partners. According to Forbes, 87% of consumers take CSR into account when making their purchasing decisions.

Improving your ROI
A prominent element of CSR is improving the efficiency of the company to reduce their environmental footprint. Numerous multi-national companies around the world have made an effort to reduce their carbon footprint by introducing energy saving measures and recyclables. With this effort, companies have often found themselves saving money on energy costs.

“How can Solterbeck Events help me create value with my CSR event?”

  • CSR doesn’t have to be a dedicated event; it can be an activity within a larger event. It can be incorporated into your next function, conference or event. Team-building exercises, or volunteering during your next off-site meeting can motivate your employees while being a great way to fulfill your responsibilities. Solterbeck Events manages how the CSR activities can be incorporated into your company values and brand image. A compelling purpose to the event can create a lasting effect for your employees and whomever you are helping.
  • Solterbeck Events designs unique CSR programs and creates lasting relationships and memories. We draft your activities from concept to execution, with an in-depth ROI analysis. A debrief ensures that your participants understand the purpose of the event and how their work has impacted the community, giving them a sense of closure and gratification.
  • With our 32+ years of experience, Solterbeck Events has connections with local not-for-profit organisations and trained instructors to give you the most enjoyable and safest experience possible.

If you are looking for an experienced corporate events planner to create your CSR event, Solterbeck Events has been creating award-winning programs for over 30 years. Read how our Pacesetters program has won awards from the Incentive Marketing Association and the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. Contact us to discuss your CSR event.